Jeff Ward in Iraq 2004-2005

jeff ward in iraq 1

Jeff Ward was kind enough to send me some pictures of when he was in Iraq in the reserves in 2004-2005. Here is some description of the pictures that he sent me. I have slightly edited his comments so blame me if something's wrong. -jjd

Jeff Ward:

I'm not sure what kind of pictures are appropriate for the reunion web site but attached are a few pictures of my tour in Iraq, 2004 - 2005. I obviously made it out safe and sound but you can share them if you think it's right.

FYI, The palace pictures are at Camp Victory, Baghdad. The others are in southern Iraq at a Zigerat and a few Romanian solders that where there.

There is a substantial story that goes along with any of these pictures and I have many more pictures but ...

The short story is that I was activated and sent to Baghdad to work as a transportation officer coordinating all logistics in and out of Iraq, Initially working with 3rd Corp out of Ft. Hood TX and ending my tour with 18th Airbourne Corp from Ft Bragg, NC.

Our group provided support for military, civilian, transition/Iraqi, and coalition efforts around the country including it's first elections. As part of the job, some travel throughout the country and Kuwait kept things interesting. That is why I was in southern Iraq, An Nasiriyah, and near that Zigerat.

I could go on for some time but that could be for a different time.

Take care, Jeff

jeff ward in iraq 1
jeff ward in iraq 1
jeff ward in iraq 1

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